the girl on alexander


                         Top: Lush sold at Brandy Melville / Bottom: Salvation Army

                         Shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: NOER sold at Brandy Melville

And I’m back…

As promised, here’s another post. This was a very spontaneous outing, and it was really hot and humid today in NYC, so I decided to follow my advice and wear something lightweight - probably not the right color, but it got the job done. Hope you like these! xo

Hey Guys, Quick Update!

This is a brief post, I haven’t had too much time to spend on the computer so there hasn’t  been that many posts. MY APOLOGIES. In about a week or two my street style posts will be up as well as my personal pictures. Expect more outfits/ootd, beauty tips, my favorite blogs, and more to be up. I’m so excited for whats to come, I can ramble on all day, but i’ll stop with this. With that being said… till next time - xo. 

Summer Heat Kills.

As we all know the summer time is all about bathing suits and cut off shorts, being poolside and trying to stay COOL. Being from New York our humidity is deadly, and can get on your last nerve. When you’re not by the pool and it’s time to hit the streets for work/school/or a date even, the key is to wear pieces that wont cling to your body - something lightweight. These three dresses below are the perfect example.


These pieces are great because you can wear each for different occassions. For instance the one on the left is printed and very playful and fun, can be used for casual outing or a date.

The middle dress is a very lightweight practical dress. Wear this to the beach? You’re fine. Wear this to the grocery store? You’re fine. Wear this to the park? Your’re fine.

The dress on the right is my favorite of the three because it reminds me of Carrie  from Sex & the City. Seems like a dress she’d wear to go on a date with Mr.Big. Accessorize it up and you’d be good to go.

Thank you Cassandra!

Hey guys! So this post is about the shopping spree four girls had in the M.A.C Store a couple of days ago. My oldest friend of all time Cassandra, took me to M.A.C. and let me pick out whatever I wanted. Thanks to her mom, we were given a gift card with more than a hundred dollars on it. HEAVEN! The pictures below are just of the products, the next time you’ll see ‘em will be when I wear them! That means new posts coming soon.



"M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder Foundation (NC35)"

Fun Facts.

FIVE Things about ME:

1. I’m probably only New Yorker that doesn’t really care much for pizza. Shocking right? My friends hate me for this by the way. 

2. My favorite show of all time? hmmmm. That’s a no brainer. It’ll have to be F.R.I.E.N.D.S. , I own every season to ever exist (10) on DVD. I’ve probably have watched a few episodes about 20 times each. I’m totally obsessed with Central Perk. Why can’t it exist? (sigh) 

3. I absolutely love cats. 

4. Queen of Take-Out. I can attempt to cook, and there isn’t anything like a home cooked meal, but it’s become such a bad habit of mine. I must get over the laziness. 

5. Green - any kind - is my favorite color. 

Hello Friend.

Hey Guys! In the last post I had a mini feature of my friend Lauren, something small. This post im introducing an old friend of mine - George. (I’ve known this guy for years) Within time i’ll have a complete section for Men’s Style. It’ll have photos of some guys that I know to show off their style for this blog. I’m really looking forward to taking these photos and showing you guys. But for now, I have George. BTW - thanks for letting me take these photos :)

Zara Faves.

These are currently my items to DIE for. (I’ve watched The Rachel Zoe Project so much recently the term “DIE” has become a part of my vocabulary.) This will be my wishlist of the month and I’ll limit myself to just five to post up, if not I’ll have an endless post of must-haves. I’m so obsessed with Zara, and all of the latest pieces out right now. These are my favorites!


                                               ”Blouse with Applique Collar


                                                 “Beaded Macrame Waistcoat


                                                      “Sandal With Methacrylate Heel


                                                             ”Double Zip Bowling Bag


                                                     ”Blouse with Chain At the Neck

                                                    (These can all be found on


Girls Day Out!

Whats better then going out with your girlfriend for lunch and some city time?  This is my darling friend Lauren, who I love so much. Going to Florencia 13 was probably the best choice of the day, Lauren ordered Enchiladas, and Tacos for myself. No ordinary taco - pineapple topping? Hell yeah! This post is pretty long but its making up for lost blog time.

P.S. - Please excuse me for squinting my eyes, the sun was directly facing me :(

First Post Jitters.

Yes! My first official post! Well for starters this is my style/fashion blog. My name is Precious. I’d much rather have “Presh” written on my birth certificate but what can I do. I’m a young girl in NYC with a very bad shopping “habit”. On this blog you’ll see a lot. Whether it’s my Outfit Of The Day, or a makeup tutorial im loving. I’ll stop rambling so much.. BUT! .. let me get down to business and explain “The Girl On Alexander”.

Alexander Avenue, oh what a place. I have lived on this street for pretty much my whole life. It has to be one of the worst areas in the Bronx. As a young kid and even now, I’m very different in possibly every way. Although when I was much younger it caused too much attention, and got me into problems. None of the girls liked me and some even took it farther then just dirty looks. Being the humble young lady my mom raised me, I’ve never let it affect me in any way. But I’m still the very same girl on Alexander Avenue. And this is my blog…